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1.1. These General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter “the Conditions”) shall govern, exclusively, the relations between asbl Brussels Expo having its registered office at 1 Place de Belgique, 1020 Brussels, Belgium and registered under the enterprise number BE 0406.655.573, Register of Legal Entities of Brussels, acting for certain events under the trade name “Ticketlive” (hereinafter “Brussels Expo”) and any person holding or having acquired an entry ticket for an event via the ticketing platform managed by Brussels Expo (hereinafter “the Buyer”). These conditions also apply to tickets ordered for an event (hereinafter “Ticket(s)”) through other methods (e.g., over the phone or using self-service kiosks).
Under these Conditions, depending on the events, Brussels Expo acts:
- either as the organiser and service provider for the sale of Tickets of its own events;
- or as the service provider for the sale of Tickets of events organised by other organisers (taking place at Brussels Expo venues or elsewhere) from whom Brussels Expo obtains the Tickets and any potential associated goods and/or services to sell to the Buyer.
The term “Organiser” in the Conditions refers to the natural person or legal entity organising the event.
1.2. These conditions shall form an integral part of the agreement between Brussels Expo and the Buyer and shall apply to the exclusion of all other conditions or derogatory clauses, namely but not exclusively any prior written communication or negotiation as well as any general or specific clauses or conditions from the Buyer even if the latter state that they are the only ones that shall apply. Specific, written and deviating conditions shall only be accepted with the express written consent of Brussels Expo (i.e., referring expressly to the Conditions).
1.3. Brussels Expo reserves the right to modify or update the Conditions at any time. The Conditions applicable to the Buyer's Tickets are those in force on the date the Tickets are ordered by the Buyer. The new Conditions shall apply to any future order placed by the Buyer after the new Conditions have been posted on the ticketing platform managed by Brussels Expo (hereinafter “Ticketing platform”).


In accordance with article VI.53,12° of the Code of Economic Law, the Buyer may not exercise the right of withdrawal provided for under article VI.47 for the provision of services related to leisure activities if the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance.
The Buyer acknowledges that they have been informed and accept that they do not have the right of withdrawal.


3.1.1. Depending on the events, Tickets may be purchased online via the Ticketing platform or, where specified by Brussels Expo or the Organiser, via self-service kiosks or over the phone or through any other sales method (collectively the “Sales Methods”).
Tickets sold via the Ticketing platform can only be obtained by completing an online form available on the Ticketing platform.
3.1.2. Tickets may only be purchased by natural persons or legal entities having the legal capacity to enter into a contract or, where applicable, who have the requisite consent from their parents or guardian (or any other individual exercising parental authority). Brussels Expo reserves the right at any time to check the Buyer's age or consent and, if need be, to refuse the order.
3.1.3. Without prejudice to the above, Tickets are available under the conditions and in the quantities defined by the Organiser.
For some events, Tickets may be available with other options (e.g., a VIP package), services (transport, Food & Drink vouchers, etc.) and/or additional products (promotional merchandise, etc.).
The purchase of Tickets may also be subject to certain conditions (such as, without this list being exhaustive: a maximum number of Tickets per Buyer or per household, payment only by credit or debit card, an event imposing a specific minimum age for entry, etc.). Brussels Expo reserves the right to cancel the ordered Tickets which fail to comply with these conditions. Certain Tickets may also be sold with restrictions, e.g., a restricted view of the stage.
Other conditions, required under health or safety measures, may apply during the event.
3.1.4. Without prejudice to other reasons for cancellation provided for in the Conditions, Brussels Expo and/or the Organiser reserve the right to refuse or to cancel any order placed by the Buyer in the following cases:
i. in the event of a dispute between Brussels Expo and/or the Organiser, on the one hand, and the Buyer, on the other hand, relating to a previous order;
ii. the Buyer has breached one or more provisions of the Conditions;
iii. the Buyer has been implicated in or is suspected of being involved in illegal or fraudulent activities.
Brussels Expo reserves the right at any time to require proof of the Buyer's identity.
3.1.5. Discounts or promotional offers are not cumulative. Proof of the discount or of any promotional offer may be requested from the Buyer at the time of placing the order.
3.2.1. Ticket prices, booking fees, transaction fees, postage costs and/or a mobility contribution are indicated in euros and include taxes and VAT, unless otherwise stated. Taxes and VAT charges are payable by the Buyer.
3.2.2. Additional and optional services and/or goods (“Optional Goods”) may also be offered to the Buyer (e.g., parking, Food & Drink vouchers, promotional merchandise, insurance or transport) and ordered by the Buyer using one of the available Sales Methods.
3.2.3. In the event an erroneous or incorrect price is displayed on the Ticketing platform for any reason (owing to technical, human, IT or other error), the order will be cancelled, even if it has been confirmed by Brussels Expo. The Buyer will be informed as soon as possible and may, if they wish and if there are still Tickets available, place a new order at the corrected price.
3.3.1. By placing an order for Tickets using one of the Sales Methods, the Buyer accepts the Conditions, as well as, where applicable, any special conditions listed on the Sales Method and the Organiser’s conditions communicated by the latter.
The Buyer is advised to save or print the Conditions at the time they place the order online.
3.3.2. If Tickets (or Optional Goods) are purchased online, the order is confirmed by an e-mail confirmation sent automatically by Brussels Expo to the Buyer.
3.3.3. By making the payment, the Buyer confirms their willingness to purchase the Tickets.
3.3.4. Unless otherwise specified at the time of ordering, payment for any Ticket order is in principle due immediately when placing the order and must be made at that time.
Payment shall be made in accordance with the Buyer’s choice between the payment methods suggested in the order process. The payment methods suggested are credit or debit card or any other payment method available when placing the order. Credit card payments are subject to a validity check carried out by the card issuer, which must authorise the use of the card.
3.3.5. Without prejudice to article 3.1.4, the order will be final and Tickets will be delivered only after confirmation of the agreement of the bank and receipt of payment by Brussels Expo.
If the payment is not authorised by the bank, Brussels Expo will automatically put the ordered Tickets back up for sale. The Buyer shall have no recourse against Brussels Expo in such a case and if, as a result of the re-sale, the Tickets are sold to a third party and are no longer available.
3.3.6. The Buyer is informed that Brussels Expo does not intervene in any way in payment transactions, which are exclusively under the control of the payment services provider. Brussels Expo cannot be held liable in the event of the unavailability or malfunctioning of the payment service.
3.3.7. In accordance with article 3.1.4, Brussels Expo reserves the right to cancel Ticket orders if it reasonably suspects that they have been placed fraudulently.


4.1.1. Once payment has been received by Brussels Expo, the Buyer will receive an e-mail containing a link to download the Tickets in the PDF format (“e-Ticket”). The Buyer must therefore provide a valid e-mail address at the time of placing the order and check for any e-mails from Brussels Expo which may have gone into the Spam folder.
4.1.2. Every Ticket has a unique barcode or QR code which identifies and authenticates it.
4.1.3. The Buyer is responsible for the safekeeping of the Tickets and for using the Tickets in accordance with the provisions of article 5 of the Conditions.
4.2.1. In the event that the Buyer does not receive an e-mail confirmation or his/her Tickets, they must inform Brussels Expo as soon as possible at the following e-mail address:
4.2.2. If the Ticket barcode or QR code is illegible or hard to read (without this being the result of poor printing of the Ticket by the Buyer), the Buyer must notify Brussels Expo as soon as possible at the following e-mail address In this event, and once the problem has been acknowledged by Brussels Expo, the latter shall issue a duplicate Ticket. There shall be no compensation or refund.
4.2.3. Brussels Expo declines any liability if the details (surname, first name, address, e-mail address) provided by the Buyer are incorrect and that as a result, their Ticket cannot be delivered or cannot give access to the event.


5.1. The Buyer must comply with the law on reselling entry tickets to events (Belgian Official Gazette, 30 July 2013, as amended by subsequent laws). Tickets are strictly for private use and may under no circumstances be transferred or resold for commercial purposes. In accordance with this law, the resale of Tickets on a regular basis is prohibited, as is the occasional resale of Tickets at a higher price. If Tickets have not been purchased through an official sales channel, ticketholders may be denied access to the event.
5.2. The original Buyer who transfers Tickets obtained from Brussels Expo shall first communicate to the persons to whom the Tickets have been transferred of the Conditions and shall guarantee their acceptance by such persons. The Tickets always remain in the name of the original Buyer, even in the case of occasional resale (except if this resale takes place via Ticketswap).
5.3. The Ticket will be scanned on entering the event. Unless otherwise stated on the Ticket, a Ticket with a barcode or QR code allows only one entry to the event. If the same bar code or QR code is presented more than once, only the ticket presented and scanned on the first occasion shall give access to the event. Entry to the event will not therefore be allowed to those presenting photocopies.
5.4. The Ticket is only valid on the date and at the time of the event indicated on the Ticket. Any attempt to reuse a Ticket or to use a copy will be regarded as fraud. Any Ticket misuse, falsification or counterfeiting may have legal consequences. Brussels Expo reserves the right to refuse entry to the event to any person without an entry ticket obtained in accordance with the ordering process described in the Conditions. Proof of payment does not constitute a valid Ticket to the event.
5.5. The Buyer may print their e-Ticket using the download link sent by Brussels Expo. In this case, the e-ticket must be printed in colour or in black and white on white A4 paper. The printing must be of a very good quality and all elements of the e-Ticket, including the barcode or QR code, must be legible, failing which entry to the event may be refused.
The e-Ticket may also be presented by the Buyer on their smartphone if the screen brightness is sufficient.
5.6. If the Ticket or related service is made out to a named individual, the Buyer may be asked to show a valid identity document during entry checks to the event. Brussels Expo is under no circumstances liable if it has not carried out this optional check, for example where the Ticket has been counterfeited.
5.7. The Ticket cannot be replaced, refunded or exchanged, in particular in case of loss or theft, or if it is not used on the day of the event.
5.8. If the Buyer arrives for the Event after the time indicated on the Ticket, they will be in principle refused entry to the event, unless the event Organiser decides to allow latecomers to enter during any breaks. Due to the configuration of the venues, or to the constraints relating to the event, the Organiser may not be able to allow latecomers to enter. In this case, the Buyer forfeits their seats, without any compensation being owed. If the Organiser decides to allow latecomers to enter the event, the Buyer agrees to being allocated any available seats (which may be in other categories) and shall have no recourse in this regard against Brussels Expo and the Organiser.
5.9. The Buyer must keep their Ticket for the duration of their attendance at the event and must present it for inspection during any checks.


6.1.1. Brussels Expo shall accept no liability arising from access to or use of the Ticketing platform. Furthermore, Brussels Expo gives no warranty, whether explicit or implied, concerning the uninterrupted and error-free, virus-free or bug-free functioning of the Sales Methods for Tickets.
Brussels Expo cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage which results from visiting or using the Sales Methods that it provides (in particular for loss of content resulting from uploading to or downloading from The ticketing platform).
6.1.2. Brussels Expo shall make reasonable efforts to display the most up-to-date, correct and complete information possible but cannot warranty, explicitly or implicitly, the safety, accuracy or completeness of the information either for the goods or the services available on the various Sales Methods that it provides.
Brussels Expo cannot be held liable for any acts or omissions, the goods and services offered, as well as the information provided on third-party websites (including those of the Organiser and the artist) dedicated specifically to the event, including those to which the Ticketing platform refers or links, as regards both the content and the functioning of such websites. The content of third-party websites containing links to the Ticketing platform, and the links themselves, are outside the control and scope of Brussels Expo and shall therefore be the sole responsibility of these third parties.
6.2.1. The Buyer is responsible for checking any communications relating to the organisation of the event. The advertised event start and finish times are subject to change. The Buyer is advised to check before the event about any changes that may affect the event. Brussels Expo shall make reasonable efforts to inform the Buyer in writing of any changes to the event as far as possible.
6.2.2. The Buyer shall under no circumstances be entitled to claim any damages or a refund from Brussels Expo due to the poor quality of the event, the content of the event, any modification of content or the course of the event or any delay in performance.
In the same way, Brussels Expo cannot be held liable for any differences between the photographs, films, illustrations or descriptions presenting and/or promoting the event included on any promotional material of the event itself. Brussels Expo declines any responsibility for the accuracy of the information stated on the Ticketing platform or on any other Sales Method and which has been provided by the Organiser of the event or by third parties (artist, etc.) to Brussels Expo.
6.2.3. When Brussels Expo is acting as a ticket sale service provider for an Organiser (other than Brussels Expo), changes to the programme, date and/or venue, changes to the layout, to seating availability or seating arrangements and any other change, cancellation, interruption or postponement of the event decided by the event Organiser is the sole responsibility of such Organiser.
6.2.4. Unless the Organiser has communicated its general terms & conditions relating in particular to cancellation or postponement to the Buyer, the following conditions apply should the event be cancelled or postponed:
- in case of cancellation: if an Event is cancelled and is not postponed or rescheduled, the Buyer may be offered a refund of the Ticket price, except for some costs (such as transaction fees or delivery costs). If an event was scheduled to take place over several days and one or more days are cancelled (but not all days of the event), the Buyer may be offered a partial refund corresponding to the number of days cancelled;
- in case of postponement: unless otherwise specified in relation to a particular event, if an event is postponed (or brought forward), the purchased Ticket will remain valid for the rescheduled event. The seats will have the same value as the Tickets originally purchased by the Buyer. If the Buyer is unable to attend the rescheduled event, they must submit proof of their inability to attend by the deadline stated in the e-mail informing about the postponement. In this case, the Buyer may be offered a refund of the Ticket price, except for some costs (such as transaction fees or delivery costs). The Buyer will be informed, in the e-mail informing about the postponement, of the deadline by which they need to take action if they cannot attend the postponed(or brought forward) event. Failure on the part of the Buyer to make a decision by the deadline will result in the booking for the new date of the event being confirmed and the Buyer will not be entitled to a refund.
Brussels Expo is not obliged to refund the Buyer, unless it has been agreed between the Organiser and Brussels Expo that Brussels Expo will, in the name and on behalf of the Organiser, refund the Tickets or unless Brussels Expo is acting as the Organiser.
Unless Brussels Expo is acting as the Organiser, the Buyer expressly agrees to waive any recourse whatsoever against Brussels Expo relating to the cancellation or postponement of the event decided by the event Organiser.
6.2.5. The use of understudies in a show (e.g., in a play or musical) and/or any change to a warm-up act, the members of a group or team and/or the line-up of any event featuring multiple artists (such as at a festival) does not entitle ticketholders to Ticket exchanges or refunds.
6.2.6. Unless expressly agreed by the event Organiser or Brussels Expo acting as Organiser, Ticket orders cannot be modified or cancelled by the Buyer once the order has been confirmed, so that Tickets can neither be exchanged nor refunded.
6.2.7. In all cases, Ticket refunds will be made only to the original Buyer using the same payment method as that used to place the order (credit or debit card). A Buyer who transfers Tickets must inform the new ticketholder of this provision.
6.2.8. Except in the event of wilful misconduct, fraud or gross negligence by Brussels Expo or its agents or representatives:
i. Brussels Expo's liability is limited to foreseeable direct damage which is equal to the value of the Tickets, goods and/or services ordered by the Buyer from Brussels Expo; and
ii. Brussels Expo cannot be held liable for any loss of profits or savings, loss of earnings, loss of customers, loss of data, loss of opportunities or any other indirect or unforeseeable damage at the time of the sale of the Tickets.
Brussels Expo shall not be liable in the event of any auditory or visual problems experienced, or any other sensory or physical issues linked to attendance of the event for which the Tickets were purchased, unless Brussels Expo is also acting as event Organiser and these problems and other sensory or physical issues result from an act or omission on the part of Brussels Expo.
6.2.9. The Buyer and any accompanying persons are bound to comply with any rules applicable to the event and to the venue (internal rules, safety, evacuation, health measures, etc.). They undertake to behave as any prudent and diligent person during the event and to comply with any requests from the security services.
The Buyer agrees to comply with any safety and security measures (such as bag checks) put in place by Brussels Expo or the Organiser and/or the relevant authorities in order to access the event. Failure to comply with such measures may result in the Buyer being refused access to the event, in which case Tickets will not be refunded to the Buyer (or any accompanying persons).
It is in particular forbidden to carry into the event venue any dangerous item, capable of being used as a projectile, and any pyrotechnic item.
The Buyer or the ticketholder and any accompanying persons attend the event under their own responsibility. Under no circumstances can Brussels Expo be held liable for any damages, whether material or physical, caused to third parties by the Buyer or the ticketholder or to themselves or their property. This provision is without prejudice to what is stated in article 6.2.8.
Under no circumstances can Brussels Expo be held liable for any failure to meet its contractual obligations due to any fortuitous event or act of force majeure. The following in particular are considered acts of force majeure (this list is not exhaustive): fire, flood, earthquakes, storm, hurricane or any other natural disaster, extreme weather events, disease, pandemic or epidemic, seizure, official decisions or sanctions, embargo, strike, lock-out, blockage, power cut, interruption to telephone communications and Internet, terrorist activity, terror alerts, (civil) war, revolt, demonstrations, revolution, strikes, stoppages and accidents with machines or extreme traffic accidents, difficulties with supply, failure by suppliers or carriers ... or any other circumstances unforeseeable or due to reasons outside the will or control of Brussels Expo and that temporarily or permanently prevents the carrying out of obligations. These events shall exonerate Brussels Expo of all liability and shall offer them the possibility, depending on the case, to either reduce their obligations or to cancel or suspend the agreement for the duration of the force majeure without being liable for any compensation of any kind.


7.1. The Tickets, their graphic design and their components (in particular names, brands, domain names, logos, graphic designs, photographs, videos, copy and other content and creations, etc.) shall at all times remain the exclusive property of Brussels Expo or have been the object of prior approval for use by third parties, and shall not therefore be reproduced, used, copied, imitated or distributed either in whole or in part in any way, on any support and via any procedure without Brussels Expo’s prior written approval, except for the purpose of printing in accordance with article 5.5 of the Conditions.
All the texts, images and photographs on the Ticketing platform are copyright-protected and cannot be used for any purpose whatsoever without Brussels Expo’s prior written approval. All commercial use of the event’s or the artist’s name or logo shall be strictly prohibited without the Organiser’s written authorisation and can lead to legal action.
7.2. Any photographing, filming or recording of the performance or the event, in any form, is forbidden.
Should Brussels Expo or the Organiser has foreseen that the event will be filmed and/or photographed, the Buyer (and the audience) may appear in such recordings. By agreeing to the Conditions and/or attending the event, the Buyer and the accompanying persons to the event agree that their image may be reproduced in the filming or photography and may be used, in any form whatsoever (including for commercial purposes), by Brussels Expo or the Organiser. This right is granted worldwide and free of charge.


When the Buyer orders Tickets online, Brussels Expo collects, processes and stores personal data, and attempts to do so by respecting the Buyer's rights, in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27/04/2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter “GDPR”) and applicable national laws enacting this law, in particular the law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data.
“Personal data” means the personal information communicated when ordering Tickets or during the event, such as title, name, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, language, date or birth or other information in connection with the event (hereinafter “Personal Data”).
Personal Data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy available here:
By placing an order under these Conditions, the Buyer declares that they have read the Privacy Policy and agree to its content without reservation.
Brussels Expo and the event Organiser are both data controllers as defined in the Privacy Policy.
Any questions regarding the processing of Personal Data should be emailed to
Brussels Expo uses cookies to improve the Ticketing platform to the needs and preferences of the Buyer. The cookies policy is available here:


9.1. The invalidity, nullity or the unenforceable character of one of the provisions of the Conditions with the legal or regulatory provisions in force shall not affect the validity of the other Conditions, which shall retain their full legal force and remain applicable. Any provision which is entirely or partially invalid, null or unenforceable shall be deemed unwritten and shall be replaced or deemed to have been replaced by the parties by a similar provision in accordance with legislation and which shall as far as possible perform the same function.
9.2. The fact that Brussels Expo or the Buyer has not exercised a right, or any failure to discharge any of the obligations incumbent on the other party, shall not be construed as a waiver of the right or obligation in question.
9.3. The Conditions and the relationship between Brussels Expo and the Buyer are governed exclusively by Belgian law.
9.4. Any dispute in relation to the formation, interpretation or performance of the Conditions or arising from the relationship between Brussels Expo and the Buyer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Brussels courts.
Brussels Expo draws attention to the existence of the European Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform. Information on this subject regarding alternative dispute resolution methods can be accessed via

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